As unbelievable as it may sound, Derek spent the first nine
  months of his life inside another human being.  He had a pretty
  typical suburban childhood.  His father was an accomplished
  ninja (now retired) and his mother was an accomplished
  housewife (also retired).  Although martial arts and housewifery
  were quite tempting, he opted to take a different path instead.

  Now let's get to know Derek more intimately:

  Derek is a gummy bear enthusiast.  Unlike World Wars I and II
  combined, he is
not responsible for the loss of millions of lives.
  He admits a dependency upon vowels, and he would not be
  where he is today without them.  It is debatable whether or not he
  played a role in the invention of the ham and cheese sandwich.
  He can tread water for obscene lengths of time when necessary.
  He enjoys the liberal use of parentheses.  His dislikes include
  famine, disease, and his unfortunate nickname, "Light 'n Sassy."

  On a less serious note:

  Derek founded Fishbowl Catharsis in October 2005.  He has
  taken sketch and improv instruction at Upright Citizens Brigade
  Theatre in New York.  His comic influences include Mr. Show,
  '85-'95 SNL, George Carlin, Conan O'Brien, and Mitch Hedberg.



   You can email Derek at