Jenna (short for "Jennigloginchyia") is originally from Michigan,
 one of eight states shaped like a body part, but she has found her
 new home here in Portland.  She moved here on a mission to put
 the "fic Nort" back in the Pacific Northwest.

 Having an equal number of fingers and toes, Jenna often boasts
 about her symmetry.  Such boasting has caused her to get into
 many a bar fight, which she has adopted as her profession.  Just
 like the saying goes, "When life gives you as the
 Romans do."   When she is not busy with her career, Jenna
 partakes in hobbies.  Her hobbies include things she does
 in her spare time.  Things she does in her spare time include
 enjoying activities, happenings, and occurrences.