ctober 2006
  Shamefaced Bratwurstish Oil Mix



                                                                       1) The Sign Shop
                                                                       2) Minutemen
                                                                       3) Roommate Interview
                                                                       4) One Earth
                                                                       5) Trade-a-Pup
                                                                       6) I'm G-g-g
                                                                       7) Thrifty Guy
                                                                       8) Greeter

     March/April 2007
     Pushing Buttons and Saving Lives


    1) Riding Hood
    2) Gator Photo
    3) Strum Bing Bong Ting
    4) The Elderlies and the
    5) CPR
    6) Astronomical Discoveries
    7) Loogadisguy
    8) Thrifty Girl
    9) Coffee

   Mini-shows and other appearances:

   May 5, 2006-- Cinco de Mayo party at Casa Pedro:
             This was officially our first performance before a live
             audience.  Ah, the memories...

   December 15, 2006-- McMenamin's Bagdad Theater
             A benefit show for Toys for Tots featuring various Portland
             stand-up and sketch comics.  We unveiled our notorious
             "Resolutions" sketch here.

   February 17, 2007-- Jackman Joe's
             A fundraiser showcase hosted by the Tragedies.